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Vemag Robot 500

The ROBOT 500 is the economical solution for all filling tasks in industrial and artisan applications. 

A particularly high torque forms the basis for the ROBOT 500‘s universal, efficient usage options: Performance is not compromised even when processing cold, stiff mixes. Whether filling, portioning, grinding or forming; whether meat, fish, cheese or dough — all opportunities are available to you with the ROBOT 500. No other vacuum filler of the same size offers more power. 

Features of the Robot 500

  • Maximum torque                       

  • Optimum vacuum monitoring             

  • Maximum power with compact dimensions       

  • Maximum weight precision 

  • Hydraulic drive                             

  • High portioning capacity 

  • Space-saving                           

  • Minimal rework 

  • The most versatile application range              

  • Cleanest product images 

  • Suitable for a wide range of products           

  • Fastest product change 

  • Modular system for individual adjustment    

  • Easy-to-operate graphical control 

  • Robust design for the longest service life    

  • The simplest program selection at the push of a button 

  • State-of-the-art CAN bus technology           

  • Very gentle product transport 

  • Lowest level of maintenance                 

  • Extremely simple cleaning 

Technical Data: 
Filling rate:       

Vacuum system:
Portion weight:       

Hopper capacity:
Portioning speed:  

Weight: approx.


Up to 2800 kg/h (depending on double screw and the product)         

16 m³ / h 
5–30,000 g, adjustable in increments of 0.1 g or 1 g             

110 l/230 l (optional) 
Up to 450 port. /min. (depending on product and portion size)       

450 kg 
0–10, infinitely adjustable 

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