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Vemag Lucky Linker

The LUCKY-LINKER by Vemag includes everything you need in a sausage filler: a built-in linker, a built-in portioner, casing holder, one linker horn set and one straight filling horn. The one piece hopper has a 45 litre capacity. With its see-through cover, you can always determine how much product is left in the hopper. 

Whether straight-filling, clipping, or linking collagen, cellulose or natural casings, this machine meets all of your needs. Cleaning is quick and easy with commercially available cleaning materials. 

Vemag double screws are the heart of the filler. They can handle large particulates without damage, thus producing the best possible end product without smear. The whole pumping system is made of corrosion-free materials. Most importantly, the double screws are made from stainless steel, ensuring long life and exact portioning. 

Features of the Lucky Linker

  • Ideal for transition from piston filler to modern vacuum fillers

  • Good value

  • Corrosion-free pumping system

  • Flexible

  • Gentle on products

  • Designed for easy cleaning

  • Optimal hygiene features

  • Simple, intuitive touchscreen controls

  • Built-in linker

  • Casing holder

  • A machine for all products!


Up to 2,000 kg/h (depending on double screw and product)
0–100,000 g, adjustable in increments of 0.1 g or 1 g
Up to 320 port. /min. (depending on product and portion size)
16 m³ / h
45 L
approx. 290 kg



Technical Data:
Filling rate:                           
Portion weight:                     
Portioning speed:                 
Vacuum system:                  
Hopper capacity:              

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