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Seydelmann Emulsifier


The Konti-Kutter KK 140 and KK 250 are perfectly suited to produce excellent, finely emulsified sausages, such as Lyoners, Wieners and fine-cut cooked sausages. Even raw rind and sinews can be emulsified structure-free by the Konti-Kutter.

Furthermore, a production of high-quality emulsions with coarser chunks for sausage types like Jagdwurst, Krakauer, Bierwurst and coarser cooked sausage is possible in the Konti-Kutter – all in one working step.

Even sausage types that consist solely of coarser materials and are usually produced in a grinder or a cutter, can be manufactured in the Konti-Kutter by using a cutting set with fewer plates and larger holes. In this case, the Konti-Kutter is operating with a lower, pre-set speed.


Unique cutting technology

The Konti-Kutter is an emulsifier with a unique cutting technology in the market. It reduces source materials to any desired size and produces high quality emulsions.A rotating pump wheel sucks the premixed product through a specially developed system of vertically arranged hole and cutting-plates. During this process, the product is reduced and emulsified. The rotation speed of the pump wheel controls the throughput speed and capacity.The number of the fixed hole- and rotating cutting-plates together with the size and number of the holes on each plate determine the emulsion fineness. The more plates are used and /or the smaller the holes are, the finer the cut becomes. A cutting set consists of up to seven plates. The vertical plate adjustment allows easy adding and removal of the single plates.The hole and cutting plates are positioned at minimal distance without any contact to each other. Thus, they do not rub against each other, completely avoiding material contamination with metal particles and significantly reducing the wear of the plates.

Plate system

In order to achieve the desired fineness of the emulsion, the cutting set can be equipped with up to seven plates, e.g. four cutting plates and three-hole plates, of various hole sizes. The more plates used and/or the smaller the holes in the plates, the finer the cut. Accordingly, fewer plates and/or larger holes in the plates produce coarser types of sausages. The vertical adjustment of the plates allows easy adding and removal of the plates to produce different final products.The KK 140 AC-6 can reach a cutting capacity of 350,000 cuts per second while the cutting capacity of the KK 250 AC-6 achieves up to 700,000 cuts per second. Thus, the Konti-Kutter produces extremely fine and perfectly homogeneous emulsions.

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