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Ross Tenderizer

Since 1968, Ross Tenderizers have enabled processors to produce and upgrade lean meat cuts with guaranteed tenderization. Stainless steel blades produce 32 incisions per square inch (unique “T-shape” pattern) in bone-in and boneless meat products to sever sinew, connective tissue, and muscle fibre.

Features of the Ross Tenderizer

  • Tenderizes both boneless and bone-in product

  • Magnetic Head Design: Tenderizer blades are positioned in magnetic carriers, retracting when they encounter bones or frozen areas.

  • Hi/Lo Product Adjustment: Allows processor to adjust tenderizer head clearance for tenderizing all primals

  • Independent head and belt drives allows tenderizer to be used in “Pass-Through” mode

  • Servo drive provides smooth conveyor movement resulting in improved tenderizing consistency

  • Open construction improves sanitation increasing Food Safety

Technical Data:

Machine Dimensions:
Production rate:
Conveyor speed:
Max product height:
Conveyor width:
Product temp:
Voltage requirements:


550 x 740 x 1,010 mm
1,364 kg/hr
880 mm/min
178 mm
305 mm
0° - 5° C
230 V / 60 Hz

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