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Variovac Primus

With the VARIOVAC Primus, we have the right concept for all areas and for every application and you have the right packaging. Thanks to our uncompromising, continuous further development of machine technology, it has established itself on the world market as one of the most reliable deep-drawing machines since its market introduction in 2013.

The highly developed VARIOVAC RAPID AIR SYSTEM facilitates the perfect forming of the flexible and semirigid films and a reliable sealing of the packaging with up to 20 cycles per minute . Thanks to the VARIOVAC High Speed IPC, the process times can be depicted in real time. A special stainless-steel frame construction guarantees maximum stability for the machine; the four-pillar lifting system generates maximum closing pressures.

Parts of the consistent hygiene concept are open chain profiles and the avoidance of critical points and areas; the entire machine can thus be easily and reliably cleaned.

The VARIOVAC Primus meets all customer requirements with regard to user friendliness: The operation is intuitive; all information is depicted clearly with a text or symbol - ideal prerequisites for perfect communication between man and machine.

Diverse solutions and VARIOVAC components are available for the individual configuration of your packaging line; from feeding in the products and filling to marking and labelling, as well as separating the packaging.

Features of the Primus

  • Top film affixing station improves eye spot registration

  • Manual film advance controls located at the machine infeed

  • Long holes in the safety covers make feeding in the film easier to see and control

  • Faster packaging format change-overs:

    • Divider sets in the forming and sealing dies instead of individual dividers

    • Snap-on sealing frame

    • Lock-and-load knife shafts for long cut

Technical Data:

Frame length:

Film Width:

Advanced length:

Packaging depth:

Performance control:

Packaging output:

Packaging types:


Compressed air:

Electrical voltage:


From 5 to 12 m

320 mm—560 mm

100 - 700 mm

Up to 135 mm

IPC, swivel mounted 12.1” touchscreen

Up to 20 cycles / min

Sealing, Vacuum, MAP, Skin, Steam, Shrink

Integrated heat exchanger without consumption of water

Min. 6 bar (without addition)

3 x 230 V N/PE, 3 x 400 V N/PE (Standard), 50/60 HZ

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