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VETEC Aeromat

Fully automatic reddening, drying, smoking, cooling and boiling in perfection


Benefits of the Aeromat

  • Installation systems for production of hot smoking products

  • Continuous loading and unloading at the filling station

  • Intelligent transport system

  • Low personnel costs

  • Thermal treatment, batchwise

  • Energy optimized batch installations

  • Continuity through high availability

  • Cleaning of single sections during production

  • Easy and quick change of products

  • Partial production possible because of individual use of separate installations

  • Detailed process documentation

Design of the VETEC Aeromat

  • Depending on process time and capacity different quantities of VEMAG AEROMAT Hot Smoking and Cooking Installations are used

  • Transport control provides a fully automatic process

  • Hanging of products on trees. Transportation is realized by a Power & Free system

  • Separation of external and internal transports

  • Closed Hot Smoke Installations during the thermal process

  • Thermal treatment in batch operation

  • Possibility of detailed documentation of the thermal processes

  • After completion of the thermal treatment process the trees are forwarded to the discharging station

  • The transport from unloading to loading closes the circle

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