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Supervac AT 8 

Hot Water Shrink Tank

  • All stainless-steel construction.

  • Heating by electricity and/or steam.

  • Touch Screen Control Unit (menu driven).

  • Silent running Intralox conveyor belt guarantees safe product flow.

  • Fully insulated - minimum heat loss.

  • Reduced energy consumption.

  • Integrated adjustable vapour exhaust.

  • Hygienic design – easy to clean. Reliable and easy to service.

  • Total immersion gives maximum shrink and best product appearance.

  • Switchable to non-dipping mode for laminate bags.

  • Reduction of open water surface to prevent heat loss and evaporation.

  • Control box heating.


Features of the AT 8 Shrink Tank

​​The Compact Supervac Concept

  • Automatic control of water level.

  • Automatic temperature control with digital display of actual and set values.

  • Adjustable dipping time, adjustable dipping depth.

  • Adjustable time for drip-off.

  • Stand-by function for dipping: - the drive motor of the dipping platform is switched off when there is no product on the way.

  • Stand-by function for vapour exhaust: - ventilator is switched off when there is no product on the way.

  • Outfeed rollers (optional):

    • ARB 1000 for boxing - height angle adjustable - with basin and drain

    • ARB 180 for discharge to other conveyors.

  • ERB 110 infeed rollers (optional).

  • Integrated control for infeed and outfeed conveyors (optional).

Technical Data:

Dipping strokes:
Surface of dip platform:
Max pass-through width:
Max pass-through height:
Basin volume:
AT 8E:
Conveyor speed approx.:
Compressed air cons.:
AT 8D: Steam cons.:
Weight approx.:

Up to 7 cycles per minute.
860 x 660 mm 
660 mm 
280 mm
Approx. 240 litres
max. heating:    30 kW
0.31 m/sec. 50Hz (0.37 m/sec. 60Hz)
Approx. 150 Nl /min. at 6 bar (85 psi)
Max. 34 kg/h at max. 6 bar (max. 85 psi)
400 kg 

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