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Variovac EasySkin 

The VARIOVAC Optimus EasySkin HD (High Dome) is the optimal solution for the packaging of high-quality products like meat and seafood.

The High Dome-System enables to process your product of up to 60 mm.

The tracked top fi lm pre-heating allows stress-free and perfect sealing of the product in a superb design and appearance.

Appealing product presentation and maximum shelf life of your products are just two of the highlights of the VARIOVAC Optimus EasySkin HD. Besides skin application, the EasySkin module can easily and effortlessly be used for MAP applications by redirection of the film in the module.

Features of the Variovac EasySkin

Technical Data:

Frame length:

Film Width:

Advanced length:

Packaging depth:

Packaging output:

Packaging output:

Packaging types:


Compressed air: 

From 2.5 to 4.5 m (5 and 5.5 m on request)

320 mm / 355 mm / 360 mm / 420 mm / 460 mm

150 – 520 mm

Up to 60 mm

Up to 8 cycles/min

Up to 13 cycles / min

Sealing, Vacuum, MAP, Skin

Integrated circulatory cooling without consumption of water

Min. 6 bar (without addition)

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