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Ross IN 1300 Automatic Tray Sealer

Our industrial modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum skin (VSP) packaging solutions are a leader in case-ready food preparation. Our tray sealers far exceed standard overwrap packaging in terms of preserving product appearance, extending shelf life, and maintaining product safety.


The IN1300 is a dual-lane high-capacity tray sealer for the customer who needs a flexible solution for sealing either Modified Atmosphere (MAP), Vacuum Skin (VSP), or LID seals. These machines provide high-volume tray-sealing applications that demand superior product shelf life and appearance. The current IN1300’s in the market have run over 10 million cycles and produced 100 million packages.

Features of the IN 1300 Tray Sealer

  • Ideal for case ready plants looking for high output

  • Designed to run multiple tray sizes

  • Runs 10-12 cycles per minute on MAP or LID-only applications

  • Runs up to 8 cycles per minute on VSP applications

  • Max of up to 12 trays per cycle

  • Maximum tray depth 120 mm

  • Servo film feed, full servo grippers, and servo lift

  • Crossflow vacuum and gas design

  • VFD driven conveyors

  • Easy set tray stop system

  • HMI on a movable arm allowing for operation from either side of the machine

  • Film registration capable

  • Quick tool change from either side of the machine, fastest in Industry

  • Optional tool cart allows maintenance to be performed at the machine

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