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Variovac Optimus

The VARIOVAC Optimus makes it possible for you to enter the field of cost-effective and automated packaging for your food, non-food and medical sterile goods. Whether it involves vacuum or MAP, skin, shrink packaging or hot filling – the Optimus stands out with excellent performance in all areas. It supplies high-quality packaging reliably and efficiently, and already does so from a machine length of just 3 meters! In the process, it sets benchmarks with regard to technology and performance.

Packaging outputs of 13 cycles per minute with brilliant shaping and superb residual film strength are easily reached with the Optimus. Semi-rigid films up to 500 μ are formed into perfect trays with the VARIOVAC RAPID AIR SYSTEM.

A stable stainless-steel construction, lifting systems with high closing power and optimum cleaning possibilities and thus maximum hygiene and a convincing user friendliness make the Optimus the leading machine in its category. A host of variants and types of equipment are available for the individualization of the machine in accordance with your requirements: Whether it involves the extension of the loading area and film printing or labelling of the finished packaging on the machine – there are diverse solutions for every requirement.

Features of the Optimus

Technical Data:

Frame length:

Film Width:

Advanced length:

Packaging depth:

Performance control:

Packaging output:

Packaging types:


Compressed air: 

Electrical voltage:

From 2.5 to 4.5 m (5 and 5.5 m on request)

320 mm / 355 mm / 360 mm / 420 mm / 460 mm

150 – 400 mm

Up to 110 mm

IPC 7" touchscreen with error diagnosis and data back-up via USB port or Ethernet

Up to 13 cycles / min

Sealing, Vacuum, MAP, Skin, Steam, Shrink

Integrated circulatory cooling without consumption of water

Min. 6 bar (without addition)

3 x 230 V N/PE, 3 x 400 V N/PE (Standard), 50/60 HZ

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