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Vemag CC215 Alginate Line

Sausage is traditionally portioned in natural, collagen and cellulose casings, a process that is extremely well-suited for most products. Innovative products, however, require new solutions. VEMAG has developed an alginate line with extralong dividing belts for these sausage types.


The result: cleanly divided sausages with a portioning rate of up to 1.800 pieces per minute. The sausages have the perfect bite and, in terms of casing cost, lower production costs enormously. The CC215 is an attachment for the production of sausage in an alginate casing. The sausages can either be discharged on a hanging unit or individually on a belt.

Features of the CC215

  • Low maintenance

  • Flexible use

  • Continuous production process

  • Costs are reduced as time is no longer required for casing changes

  • More efficient production processes

  • High production speed

  • Ideal hygiene characteristics

Technical Data:

Sausage length:


Portioning speed:

(Depending on calibre)


40 mm  - 1,400 mm

8 - 32 mm

Length      Portions/min

40 mm       1,800

100 mm     720

120 mm     600

  • Alginate is much more cost-effective than natural casing

  • Endless sausage rope means less rework

  • Less added salt

  • Price stability, as alginate is not subject to any seasonal fluctuations

  • ‘Pure’ halal, poultry, vegetarian and kosher products are possible

  • Consistent quality

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