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Fomaco M3 Injector *Australia Only

The M3: The World’s Most Flexible Injector-Tenderizer

Whether you operate in the meat, poultry, or fish industry, the Fomaco M3 provides you with the ultimate platform when choosing and building your injector-tenderizer. By mixing and matching various components, the M3 allows you to customize the M3 to fit your production perfectly, giving you the highest level of specialization possible.


Maximum Movement Control

With the M3 you are the one in control. Independent spindle motors for each needle head enable the M3 to adapt to the height of your product. It is even possible to define the movement range of the needle head from top to bottom, giving you an unprecedented control of the salt and marinade distribution. The linear acceleration during injection ensures a uniform salt distribution from top to bottom.


Reliable - Even in Aggressive Environments

The M3 is a series of thoroughly tested, high quality production machines designed to operate in highly demanding and aggressive production environments. The ‘box-in-box’ construction seals and protects critical electrical components and controls from water ingress, humidity and atmospheric salt.



Optimized Flow from Pump to Product

At Fomaco we constantly improve and enhance the performance of our machines. Our use of state-of-the-art pump systems has eliminated dead zones and low flow areas, ensuring a constant pressure and a precise flow rate. The result is a uniform brine distribution - regardless of product type, size and number of needles.

Intelligent Software for Improved Production Management

To provide a smooth and uncomplicated production process the M3 comes with advanced, built-in software. Remote Device Manager (RDM) allows for troubleshooting and updating of the machine directly from the Fomaco facility in Denmark. This both saves valuable production time and minimizes potential downtime. In addition to providing an unlimited number of preprogramed production profiles, many routines are fully automated

  • Automatic lubrication

  • Automatic monitoring of brine temperature

  • Automatic control of min. pump pressure

  • Automatic troubleshooting

  • Automatic cleaning program

The Perfect Fit

The M3 comes in four different sizes, each with a different number of head configurations available, allowing for total customization

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