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Vemag Filling Machine HP1

The new HP1 is the reliable and robust vacuum filler with double screw technology for small trade meat processing. Specially designed for the production of a wide product range with small quantities and higher output, VEMAG has designed a vacuum filling machine that is the perfect partner for daily work both when linking sausages and dosing masses. 

Features of the HP1

  • Can be flexibly combined with VEMAG attachments and used with all common semi-automatic clipping machines

  • Perfectly suitable for weight-accurate portioning of soft and solid masses

  • Minimal residual quantities due to optimal product feeding

  • Intuitive and fast operation via touch display

  • Quick and easy assembly thanks to low number of parts 

Basic Data:

Up to 2000 kg/hour in continuous mode

Larger inlet for better product infeed (size 70/100)

One machine for 4 different applications

- Linking

- Portioning

- Bakery

- CanBus (e.g. BC237)

Standard now 495 rpm, previously 565 rpm

High torque drive 390 rpm for grinding applications needed

Software as before with HP3 incl. Setup assistant

Locking the knee lever and switching off the vacuum pump are now software parameters

Different double screws available:

- ds 24C/36/24-270 Ø 62 HPZ (for alginate applications)

- ds 24C/36/24-270 Ø 62 HPZ Polygon (for grinder applications)

- ds 36C/24-270 Ø 62 HPZ (all meat applications w/o grinder)

- ds 36SC/24-270 HPZ (bakery - bread, cookies, gluten free)

- ds 48C/48SC/24-270 Ø 62 HPZ (bakery)

- ds 48C/24-270 Ø 62 HPZ (high output e.g. for clipping, bigger pieces)

Cannot be used with BC237/FM250 and ASV811/812

No separation possible

High torque drive 390 rpm needed

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