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Vemag ASV811

The pneumatic cutter is used wherever doughs have to be separated into exact weights. The ASV811 operates with a wire or a blade, depending on the product. The pneumatic cutter processes products such as cookies, pizza dough, bars, gluten-free doughs and bread.

The blade or wire performs a controlled hinging-out movement, enabling the product to be cut cleanly and deposited properly. The belt can be oiled or floured if required.

Features of the ASV811

  • Product variety

  • Simple replacement of the shaping nozzles

  • Customised shapes Profitable

  • Cut accurate weights reliably

  • Rapid set-up times

  • High portioning rate of up to 150 portions/min

  • Low labour costs Handling

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to operate

Technical Data:

Portioning rate:   


Portion weight:

Nozzle diameter:

Air consumption:


100 g cookies                       

580 g rye bread                   

1200g Wholewheat bread    

With double screw 48 N

140 portions/min

5 portions/min

20 portions/min

5 – 30,000 g, adjustable in increments of 1 g

20 –100 mm in 5 mm increments

20 l / min – eom

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