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Holac Sect 230

The Portion Cutter with Powerful Product In-Feed


The Sect 230 is a highly flexible portion cutting machine, with its electronically controllable product feed for optimal cut results. The optional integrated discharge conveyor enables simple and swift product handling after slicing.

Features of the Sect 230

  • Powerful blade drive

  • Integrated discharge conveyor

  • Fully automatic lubrication system

  • Adjustable gripper end position

  • Easily accessible gripper guide-shaft for effective sanitation

  • Stable cut-off blade and support frame for an accurate and clean cut

  • Two-wing blade for higher capacity

  • Movable

Technical Data:


Loading dimension:

Cutting thickness:

Power supply:


L x W x H: 

Discharge conveyor: 


200/400 min -1

230 x 180 x 740 mm (W x H x L)

1-30 mm (with spiral blade)

3,8 kW

340 kg

2.105 x 970 x 1.320 mm


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