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Seydelmann Mixers / Mixer-Grinders

Mixer Technology

Mixers are ideal machines to mix preround meat and fat with salt, nitrite, spices or additives to produce mincemeat, hamburger, coarse frying sausage, coarse spreading sausage vegetables, cheese and much more. A Cutter, Emulsifier or Grinder may be installed before or after the Mixers. When employed in production lines, Mixers are often used as buffers between the Grinder and Cutter respectively Emulsifier. While a batch is being cut, the upstream Mixer simultaneously mixes and standardizes the next batch. This achieves optimized work process and the shortest working time possible.


The use of Vacuum-Mixers results in the volume of the meat cell being increased.

Intensive mixing opens the cells on the meat surface. Liquid cell plasma comes out and covers the surface of the meat pieces as a binding protein film. In this manner, additives can best be absorbed by the meat

Features of the Mixers / Mixer-Grinders


  • Two mixing axles each with its own motor, switchable independently of each other – forward and reverse at high and low speed

  • Mixing axles as standard with paddles and ribbons in the discharge direction for a fast discharge

A. For flexible use and for mid-range outputs

  • Two discharge possibilities: Via discharge flap as a Mixer or via Grinder housing

  • Long In-line Grinder worm at the bottom of the hopper collects the material directly

B. For high-range outputs

  • Discharge only via Grinder housing

  • Long centralized discharge worm placed between troughs placed over Grinder worm


Mixers/Vacuum-Mixers/Mixer-Grinders with cooling function

  • Cooling via nozzles in the bottom of the hopper or via snow horns in lid of machine

  • Hydraulic lid over the hopper


Mixers/Vacuum-Mixers/Mixer-Grinders with cooking function

In the Cooking-Mixer the products are heated very rapidly by means of direct steam.

The Cooking-Mixer cooks the raw material for cooked sausage production, considerably decreasing the working time in the Cutter. The cooking system results in about 10 % material gain. There is complete retention of taste, aroma and proteins that would otherwise be lost with the boiling water. The Cooking-Mixer is ideal to produce cooked

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