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Vemag HP10E / HP12E

The HP10E as the sausage specialist with optimal machine efficiency for maximum output: the solution for all filling tasks in sausage production.  Your Skill with casing holding devices or length portioning becomes particularly evident.


The HP12E as a vacuum filler with double screw for flexible use and first class machine efficiency for maximum output. The one machine for all tasks, also available with the sausage grinder. By replacing the double screws, every HPE machine can be adapted optimally to any product, regardless of the weight range.

Features of the HP10E / HP12E

  • Optimal product feed from the Vemag Duo Drive

  • Intuitive operation of the graphical control

  • The tried and tested Vemag box-in-box system offers maximum protection of the electronic components

Technical Data: 

Filling rate:

Portioning weight:

Vacuum system:

Hopper capacity:


Up to 5,700 kg/h / 3,600 kg/h (depending on feed element)

1-99,000 g (infinitely adjustable)

16 m3/h (40 m3/h optional)

250 L (350 L optional)

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