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Supervac AS 400

Automatic Spray Tunnel with Integrated Drier.

  • All stainless steel construction.

  • Completely insulated.

  • Heating by electricity and/or steam.

  • Touch screen control (20 programmes).

  • Integral wide mesh Intralox conveyor for safe product flow.

  • Adjustable conveyor speed 0.1 – 0.4 m/sec.

  • Integrated adjustable vapour exhaust.

  • Hygienic design – easy to clean.

  • Reliable and easy to service.

  • Two water sprays from above and one spray from below.

  • One height adjustable top air knife and one bottom air knife.

  • Pass through function via touch screen.

  • Automatic control of water temperature and water level.

  • Shrink temperature up to 95°C.

  • Fitted with ERB 130 infeed rollers and ARB 130 outfeed rollers.

  • Machine runs from left to right.


Features of the AS 400

AS 400 Automatic Spray Tunnel for constant in line product flow.

  • Feed through width – 400 mm for use with constant flow of small products from vacuum packaging, thermoforming or flow wrapping machines.

  • Touch screen control unit (illustrated).

  • 20 programmes in memory.

  • Alpha numeric display.

  • Programmable water temperature and conveyor speed.

  • Preheating clock settable by time and day.

  • Waterproof to IP65F.

  • Control box heating.

Technical Data:

Pass through width:

Max. product height:

Basin volume:

Electricity consumption:     

Conveyor speed: 

Steam consumption:

Weight approx.:

400 mm

280 mm

approx. 120 litres

S 400E 35kW electric heating / AS 400D 5kW steam heating

0.1 – 0.4 m / sec.

AS 400D 34 kg/h at max. 6 bar

450 kg

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