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Vemag VS227

The VS227plus is characterized by maximum flexibility.  Variable production with frequent changes of caliber and sausage length, while maintaining a clear product appearance, are the strengths of the machine.


The upstream VEMAG filling machine takes over the weight—accurate portioning.  With two linking horns and a rotating twin head, casing changeover time is reduced to a minimum, thus ensuring smooth production.

Features of the VS227

  • Flexible and accurate length portioning and linking of sausages in natural, artificial and collagen casings

  • Portion lengths: 40 mm and longer

  • Caliber: 13 - 60mm

  • Performance up to 400 portions /minute, in dependance on caliber and weight

  • One twin head for rapid casing changes

  • Casing brake with fast close for fast exchange during size change

  • Infinite adjustment by means of the filler control panel for sausage lengths changes with same caliber

  • For shirred casing lengths up to 300 mm

  • ONLY for CAN-BUS fillers

  • Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz

Technology and Know-How

  •  Flexible adjustment of length and diameter for maximum flexibility

  • Large cross-section of the product horn leads to better product appearance

  • Use of natural and artificial casings for high product variety



  • Twin heads to reduce changeover for higher performance

  • Minimum down-time  - maximum productivity

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