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Vemag VDD807 Dough Portioner

Specially developed for the careful portioning of wheat-based doughs and high outputs without oil.


The VDD807 dough portioner was specially developed for the careful portioning of wheat-based doughs and high outputs.

Features of the VDD807

  • Always regular spacings between dough portions – perfect for smooth, time-saving production

  • Product parameters can be varied to respond flexibly to market requirements

  • Efficient operation due to high  output

  • Low maintenance technology saves money

  • Weight-accuracy

  • Easy to clean using low-pressure systems

  • Parts that touch the product are made of stainless steel for maximum hygiene

  • Detectable plastics guarantee maximum product safety

  • More cost-effective – no cutting oil required

  • Maximum weight accuracy

  • High portioning rate

  • Simple operation

  • Can be combined with the VEMAG VPC715 process check

  • The cutter rotates with an AC servo drive

  • An integrated conveyor belt transports the products to the next production step

  • Passes products cleanly and consistently to a check weigher, a downstream conveyor belt or a moulder

  • Quickly changeable outlet nozzles produce different sized products if required

  • The VEMAG dough portioner does not need cutting oil, unlike conventional technology

  • Accurate portions guarantee considerable savings on resources

  • Simple cleaning of the conveyor system with water

  • The encapsulated machine housing and integrated flour filter prevent flour dust from penetrating the machine

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