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DJM Forming Technology

VacForm machines are ideal for producing burgers, cutlets, chicken nuggets, fillets, vegetarian products and more. The standard production capacity for chicken nuggets is over 1,400 kg per hour, while burgers can even be produced at a capacity of up to 4,750 kg per hour. If desired, even higher production capacities are possible, with which our form machines always perfectly match any (desired) production situation.

The patented DJM pressure dividing system ensures extremely small weight variations, which prevents product loss and optimizes economic production.

Benefits of Forming Technology

  • Low pressure forming

  • Minimum squeeze losses

  • Yield increase and reduced cooking losses/shrinkage

  • Electrical-driven (no compressed air or hydraulics)

  • Excellent product texture

  • Accurate weight control

Technical Data:


Line width: 


Forming types:


Up to 10.450 lbs/hour | 4.750 kg/hour

16” – 400 mm | 24” – 600 mm | 48” – 1.200 mm

Up to 70 strokes per minute

Plate forming

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