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Fomaco M5 Injector *Australia Only

Fomaco M5 Compact Injector is probably the most accurate injector with smallest possible footprint.  In fact, it fits on a EUR pallet during transport and storage.  M5 Compact Injector comes with an intuitive touchscreen and possibility to store recipes and recall them directly from the large colour screen.  Consistency is secured with mobile coarse filter, that fits directly under the injector, and even a further built-in final filter.

Features of the M5 Injector

Unique Modular Needle Bridge and Delta Needle Pattern

M3 compact comprises a unique modular needle bridge with the all new delta needle (triple) pattern that gives a dense, consistent and uniform injection in any product.

Easy Dismantling and Cleaning

A number of special features makes the cleaning of M5 compact both thorough and quick:

  • Everything manufactured in stainless and food approved plastic materials.

  • All electrical components are fully protected in a separate cabinet with an IP68 protection.

  • Needles and needle bridge can be dismantled and fitted without using tools, conveyor belt comes out completely for easy access to product zone.

Technical Data:


Available Needle Size:

Stroke Speed Range:

Filter Tank Capacity:

Pump Type:

Belt Direction:

Dimensions L/W/H:




20—70 Strokes/minute

90 L


L/R or R/L

1100/800/2200 mm

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