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Vemag FM250 Forming Machine

Trust VEMAG’s forming machine FM250 and enjoy the benefits of a flexible production line. Forget the limits of conventional production processes and vary the shape and size of your product using quick-change forming nozzles or settings on the portioning computer of the vacuum filler.  Benefit from minimal rework and a high degree of utilization of the raw material in use.  The FM250 forming machine shapes products from meat and vegetable mixes which hold their shape.  Products made with the forming machine are characterized by a good texture and natural bite.


As the forming machine pumps the raw material extremely gently, meat fibers are not crushed or destroyed in contrast to conventional manufacturing methods. The meat fibres in the finished product retain their natural alignment so that the end-product has the bite of a handmade speciality.  Integrating a grinder with an optional automatic separation valve also ensures that hard product constituents like particles of bone, sinew or foreign bodies are reliably removed from the product.

Features of the FM250

  • Suitable for a variety of products: rissoles, burgers, mince fingers, nuggets, etc

  • Shape of product simple to change with push-on forming nozzles

  • Product size easy to adapt by making weight corrections on the portioning computer

  • High product quality with good texture and natural bite

  • Grinding and separating during processing means a high level of product safety

  • Minimal rework = high degree of utilization of the raw material in use

  • Minimal cleaning effort = lower costs

Technical Data:

Types of product: 


Portioning rate: 

rissoles, burgers, spiced mince fingers, ribs, nuggets

Product thickness: 

10 - 15 mm (rissoles)

15 - 25 mm (burgers)

20 - 30 mm (spiced mince fingers)

> 10 mm (ribs)

Product weight:  

10 - 15 mm (nuggets)

60 - 125 g (rissoles)

60 - 125 g (burgers)

15 - 50 g (spiced mince fingers)

100 g (ribs)

10 - 30 g (nuggets)

up to 300 portions/min.

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