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Vemag BF255 Burger Former

VEMAG grinding technology paired with unique forming 

  • Perfect product quality and color retention

  • Thanks to an innovative processing of raw materials, the burger keeps its shape even after cooking

  • Uniquely loose texture

  • Maximum weight accuracy

  • Low maintenance cost thanks to continuous process

Features of the BF255

In-line heading forming unit

  • Burgers with a unique texture

  • Great flexibility in shapes and portion weights

  • High output of up to 240 burgers/min

  • Industrially manufactured products with handmade appearance

  • Quick set-up times thanks to replaceable forming units

Characteristics about Burger Former:

  • Highly accurate weights and high output

  • New kinds of burger with a looser texture and unique product quality

  • Plenty of flexibility in shapes and portion weights

  • Products that look handmade, manufactured industrially

  • Replaceable mould blocks mean quick set-up times

  • Can be integrated into the Flexible Line

Integrated punching unit

  • Adjustable and gentle guided forming for a perfect product appearance

  • Highly diverse products - from loose to compact 

  • Adjustable product heights, regardless of the forming units

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