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Machine Sales Terms and Conditions - Australia & New Zealand

Delivery time:                         

Ex-factory TBC, plus sea freight TBC due to current worldwide freight crisis


Validity of the offer:             

Subject to change as indicated above.



Except for normal wear parts, we grant the following warranty from the date of the installation being completed.

  1. For mechanical parts 12 months

  2. For electrical parts 12 months

  3. Warranty is parts only and does not cover travel and labour costs.

The guaranteed time is valid for one-shift-operation per day. The guaranteed times are accordingly shorter at multiple-shift-operations.

The start of the guaranteed time does not depend on the acceptance of the installation respectively the equipment by the customer.



40% down payment with the order

55% on shipment from supplier

5% on installation


Terms of Sale:                        

No order will be placed with the supplier until a signed sales contract and PO has been received, and deposit has been paid.

Should the customer choose to cancel a sale after an order has been placed, any monies Vemag Australia has paid for said order including freight and packaging, and admin costs will be deducted from the customers' deposit prior to issuing a refund


Works to be carried out by the customer:

Unless otherwise stated the customer is responsible for the following:

  • Power supply to the machines/ equipment as well as interconnecting wiring for equipment/ machines

  • All necessary air, water, vacuum and gas plumbing

  • The uncrating, unloading and positioning of equipment and machine.



VEMAG give no guarantee and no liability in respect of the services by the customer.

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