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Henneken Combi Vacuum Tumbler 150—350 Litre

The “Combi”-line Vacuum Tumblers are designed for a multifunctional employment in craft enterprises or industrial production. The wide field of application stretches from tumbling and marinating to mixing and blending of products.


Depending on the product, different mixing tools can be employed in the production process. The tumbling arm is equipped with a special wiping rubber that guarantees a clean drum surface. The combined use of tumbling arm and mixing arm allow for an intensive and homogenous mixing and blending.

Features of the CVM Tumbler

  • Frequency controlled rotational speed, ranging from 3 to 20 RPM

  • Tumbling arm and mixing arm are individually adapted for different products

  • Stepless, electromechanically adaptable working angle

  • Equipped with a stationary lid swivelling device

  • Discharge height suitable for norm wagon (200 ltr)

  • All tumbler parameters can be adjusted by the user friendly SIEMENS touch panel and are also programmable

  • 95 % vacuum

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